In this issue, the editor will share with you the precautions for aluminum truss stage processing, let's take a look!

First, calibrate the aluminum alloy platform before processing, and then adjust the price of the aluminum alloy light truss. The corners must be straight. When welding each electrode, pay attention to the uniform welding of the weldment to prevent uneven heat and deformation.

Second, the stress of aluminum truss stage is mainly concentrated on each rod, so the welding of each rod must be reliable. When welding, a skilled welder should be selected and put into use after passing the inspection item by item. Then in the process of building the aluminum stage, I found that many of the booths were very beautifully decorated, or even gorgeous. The aluminum truss stage manufacturer hadn't found the booth number for a long time.

Third, the number of booths is very important, especially for small exhibitors, this is an important sign for customers to find your booth. Enterprise booths should fully demonstrate their display effects. Customers come to your booth based on the information you previously posted, but because the booth number is not clear, they are in trouble. The previous work of aluminum truss stage manufacturers may be in vain, so please do not ignore the details of the booth number. When setting up a booth, please set a prominent booth number. You can choose bold colors, such as red, orange, and purple, and place the booth number in a conspicuous place for others to see at a glance.

Fourth, after aluminum truss stage manufacturers have set up their booths, if the booth number is not visible, please quickly use A4 paper or other large paper to write down the booth number with a thick pen and paste it to a conspicuous position of the booth. Pay attention to safety measures during the use of aluminum lamp holders:

1. During use, it is strictly forbidden to use more than the load-bearing mass.

2. The aluminum alloy lamp holder should be placed on a solid and smooth ground. It is forbidden to go on ice or ski resorts where there is no anti-skid and fixed equipment.

3. It is forbidden to use aluminum alloy lamp holders in windy days. When climbing the ladder, hold the aluminum scaffold with both hands and keep the center of gravity between the two ladder columns.

4. The metal ladder is conductive, and avoid getting close to the place with electric field.

5. When working, do not stand on a ladder within 1 meter from the top of the ladder.

6. Always maintain a safety protection height of 1m. Aluminum truss stage manufacturers suggest not to climb the top support point.

7. It is not allowed to cross directly from one side of the ladder to the other side. Do not exceed your head when doing homework to avoid loss of balance and danger.