Kyrie Irving and Sneakerroom founder Suraj Kaufman both experienced the Menairshoes tragic loss of their mother as children and forged a close bond that led to the most famous one of the last decade. One of the series of shoe drop incidents. The duo have teamed up with Nike to create special-edition colorways for Kyrie Irving's signature shoes, each adorned with loving reds, pinks and golds to reflect their undying love for their mother. For 2022 and the Carey 7, the duo decided to take interpretation to the next level by designing two colorways inspired by nature. Kaufman told @Board: "We're talking about motherhood and how we are Mother Nature. Mother Earth. Let's touch this aspect... let's touch the elements." These elements of land, sea, air and fire are clear The ground is displayed on these two pairs of shoes, and the illustrations on the heels are like you see in children's books. The Swoosh logo is covered in a heart, continuing the "I love you mom" tradition that has been transformed into a charity campaign that has raised over half a million dollars.

The Nike Space Hippie 04 debuted on June 11, 2020, to much hype due to its striking design and sustainable "trash makeover" approach. Sneakerheads2020 While the shoe's original colorway continued to gain popularity, many subsequent styles were criticized as "cheap" and the shoe could have been "another hit with shoe fans." NIKE, Inc. is unlikely to drop the Nike Space Hippie line as it moves closer to the goals outlined in its "Towards Zero" initiative, but the North American agency recently revamped the 04 style's styling. silhouette, suggesting it wasn't entirely happy with the design released in mid-2020. A pair of shoes with a new finish shows that Space Yarn and Nike Grind materials will continue to be an iconic part of the eco-conscious collection, but the heel upper and ring pit foam midsole have been redesigned. Synthetic leather overlays help provide structure to the spine of the sneaker, while possibly partially recycled foam cushioning no longer has the overly sculptural makeup it used to be in space for hippie products.

Between the basketball-focused inaugural style and the Nike SB's reimagining, the Nike Dunk Low, designed by Peter Moore in 1985, has come a long way. While several releases over the past year have made silhouettes more accessible than they have been in years past, models continue to enjoy an exclusivity vibe that the newly-emerged gold and silver pairings help to perpetuate. Skechers Shoes Outlets Similar to countless previous pairs, the latest Nike Slam Dunk features a clean white leather base. A stack across the forefoot and heel showcases the sneaker's most eye-catching metallic style. A shimmering silver wraps around the toe, while a matte gold adds life to the toe box; a more dazzling hue takes over the nearby "Nike" lace dubrae, appropriately "jeweled." The "University Red" hues also appear on the top of the tongue and heel, but they complement the aforementioned metallic hues that also take over the upper and lower panels on the sides. Known for its stylish suede, leather, and patent toe caps, the Reebok Question gets a powerful upgrade thanks to this "colorful" product that may have matched the 1996 NBA All-Star Game of Texas colors. The mix of pink, orange and turquoise is a true portrayal of the most stylish All-Star Game in history, and this matching Reebok Kamikaze II pretty much confirms that connection. While previous photos depict the shoe's multi-colored toe box, we can confirm that the final release is what you'll see here - a smooth patent leather toe that adds even more visual flair.