Liqun sunshine tips on how to see genuine and Cigarettes Hot Sale phony, Liqun the sun true along with false cig identification knowledge analysis

"Liqun (Sunshine)" Cigarettes include the products involving Zhejiang Tiongkok Tobacco Sector Co., Ltd., which are generally well Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes Online gotten by consumers out there. In order to further improve the elimination ability involving consumers along with retailers, Xiaobian prepared the pertinent introduction precisely to think about the genuine and phony of Liqun The sun. Let's comply with Xiaobian to be aware of Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes Online it jointly.

Pattern big difference comparison involving small field trademark cardstock: genuine cig trademark cardstock mainly uses darkish color, pre-loaded with abstract along with dynamic crimson gradient coloring block making technology, coloring block slowly changes via light for you to dark, its coloring origin can be exquisite and possesses a impression of aesthetic dynamics; Your fake cig printing course of action is hard, the bogus degree can be poor, large block gradient influence is inadequate, the coloring origin can be thick.