2021Sneakers ,A few months in advance, making fun of it, Para's latest collaboration with Nike SB is finally approaching its official release. At the end of July, the designer who has been an artist will launch his latest work "Slam Dunk", which is a bright and more patterned subversion of his 2019 work. It is expected to be released with a simpler alternative color scheme, this pair does a good job, fully combining the pattern and style of Pala's signature. The covering layer is made of sturdy suede material, which completely covers his design. Every piece-from the toe to the counter-is full of blocky, retro-style shapes, and all colors are vibrant red and blue. Color and pink. This pattern then echoes along the label, inner tongue, and insole, while the lining contrast is finished in a solid cool tone. Elsewhere, the base of the leather is the opposite tone, and white neutrals are chosen, with a white midsole/lace, rubber sole, and black Swoosh.


Buy Jordan Soles ,From Nike Air Max 97 to Nike Dunk Low Disrupt, Swoosh has gradually released a series of new products in pink tones, consistent with the trend of soft shoes. Followed by Nike Air Max verona, this is the brand's latest style for women. The upper of the mixed material can be seen in various shades of pink, which can maintain a soft-toned appearance. However, the light pink did dominate the design, making the leather midfoot paneling covered in a darker tone. A contrasting white Swoosh is decorated on the side, although there is no branding on the inside. In order to add a sense of avant-garde to the feminine design, the off-center tongue tag and thick foam sole unit make the appearance more perfect.

feature image source:sneakernews.com

New Release Yeezy ,As adidas Forum '84 Hi continues to penetrate into the mainstream consciousness, it mixes old-fashioned and modern styles in a healthy way. There is no doubt that the inspiration for its latest suit comes from decades ago. The high-quality leather uppers are covered in different shades of white, and most of the foundation has an "old" aesthetic. The three stripes, the collar and the reinforcement around the heel all have deviations in color and material (green suede and corduroy occupy the spotlight). The logos on the outside of the heel, the inside of the midfoot and the tongue are all red, which is reminiscent of the team colors of the 1980s. The non-standard logo on the spine and tongue is the year when the original Adidas model debuted and the embodiment of basketball tradition. At the foot, the slightly yellowed midsole is matched with the light brown outsole to create a retro look, which is refreshing in today's high-tech sports shoe market.