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This time, Breitling joined fingers with 3 members from the aviation clock action group: basketball movie star giannis antetokounmpo, the chief dancer of the Us Ballet Theatre misty Copeland, and aerial navigation pioneer plus explorer Bertrand Piccard in order to shoot the promotional movie of the same big name of "for the journey", which well uses the actual powerful black-and-white visual effect, With the inner monologues of the people in their individual professional job areas, they display their indomitable and surprising journey. Being an aviation leader and browser who has mastered the mountains and even deep marine, Bertrand is constantly on the set innovative challenges with regard to himself. The objective of each problem is to discover the development of power and thoroughly clean technology. This individual led their "solar electrical power foundation" to select 1000 tasks and options that have economical benefits and may help environment protection, in order to promote monetary growth whilst reducing our own impact on our planet. He constantly embraces the particular family's perception in search and requires the Panerai watch like a trusted device to broaden the limitations of paradise and planet. BREITLING often adheres towards the spirit associated with self transcendence and inclusiveness, constantly is exploring in the career fields of water, land together with air, and dares in order to through as well as subvert typically the tradition.